Frequently Asked Questions

what is the difference between the classes offered directly from spark the fire versus through colleges? 

All classes offer the same curriculum. The difference is that the classes that are directly through Spark the Fire Grantwriting - Certificate in Grantwriting - are two days of class and then one-on-one consultations with Allison as you write your proposal from home. The 3-Day Bootcamps through the colleges are three days of class and you write your proposal in class. This is the most intensive format. The eight-week course through Seattle Central is also the same curriculum, but you get eight weeks to digest each lesson and write your proposal. 

My organization can't afford the cost for the certificate portion. What should I do?

Essential Grantwriting is a great starter course and with the early bird discount, it is only $95 per student. This class provides all the basic information you need to write a grant proposal. For an additional $95 early bird rate, you can add Proposal Writing to get hands-on experience writing your grant proposal. If you have a little more funding, get your Certificate of Grantwriting and have your proposal evaluated via one-on-one consultations.

Do you offer a discount for groups or any other discounts?

I offer an early bird discount of $20 off the class when you register at least two weeks prior to the class. Groups of 3 or more from any one organization may receive an additional discount of $10 off per person. To register as a group, please use this link.

What should I bring to class?

For Essential Grantwriting, you should bring a pen or pencil. I will provide a comprehensive workbook. For Proposal Writing, you should bring a laptop or pad of paper and pencil as you will spend a large portion of the day writing your proposal. It is helpful if you also bring background/reference materials about your organization and program/project. For Freelance Grantwriting, you should bring a pen or pencil. I will provide a comprehensive workbook.

In what locations do you teach grantwriting classes?

I'm interested in teaching grantwriting anywhere in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Currently, classes are offered in Seattle, Portland, Yakima, Spokane, Wenatchee, Aberdeen, Bellingham, Olympia, Bremerton, and Bainbridge Island. Most locations offer classes twice per year. You can request Essential Grantwriting and Proposal Writing in your location by joining the wait list. Additionally, if you know of a great space that can hold 20 individuals, please email me

How can my organization sponsor a class?

I whole-heartedly welcome sponsorship. You provide space to host a class and marketing assistance or a cash contribution to offset the cost. In return, your organization's name and logo will appear on all marketing materials and class materials. For more information, please email me.