Current Trends in Grantwriting

Grantwriting is a specialized and necessary facet of fundraising for non-profit organizations. Grants can provide operational support for organizations, capacity building, program support or program development, special project support, and funds for capital campaigns, equipment, and renovations.

In the current economic downturn, non-profit organizations are turning to freelance grantwriters to get through the hard times.  The reason is simple:  freelance grantwriters have the expertise and experience to succeed in this highly competitive environment. Is now the right time to hire a grantwriter?  Absolutely yes.

ates reflect a grantwriters' expertise and knowledge, as well as their experience.  Rates range from $40 to $120 with the lower end of the scale being individuals very new to the field with little experience and the higher end of the scale being grantwriters who have published books on how to write grants and grantwriting professors in certificate programs and colleges.  Nonprofits may find that while a less experienced grantwriter may charge less per hour, it will also take them much more time to get the grant done.

ake the time to find a grantwriter with which you can easily work - someone who has expertise in grantwriting and your field of work.  Happy hunting!