The final step for those seeking a Certificate in Grantwriting.

Receive individualized feedback on your grant proposal. 

A one-on-one consultation for up to three hours of guidance.

how it works

  • Once you register for your assessment, you will receive an email with instructions for submitting your grant proposal for review.

  • Your grant proposal can be a proposal that you are currently working for a particular grantmaker, or you may submit a grant proposal in the Common Grant Application format.

  • If you are submitting a grant proposal that is under deadline, please allow at least six weeks time for adequate review. Otherwise, please email me to discuss first.

  • Once I receive your email, we will work together to create a work plan and timeline for review/feedback and re-write. I want to make sure that you are comfortable with the timeline and that it will meet your needs based on your work/life schedule. Be assured that you can take your time and work at your own pace.

  • You may be asked to review additional research materials, read other grant applications, or read articles on particular topics if I feel that you need more instruction on a particular section of the proposal.

  • Once your final proposal has been completed, you will receive a Certificate of Grantwriting via the mail. Your name will be entered into a public online database of students who have completed the certificate program. This provides employers a reference to validate credentials. You may also list me as a reference for job seeking.

What's included

Cost of the assessment is $245 and includes up to three hours of review/feedback time. You will receive:

  • A Certificate of Grantwriting from Spark the Fire Grantwriting Classes, an assessment-based certificate that you have demonstrated that you have the skills and knowledge to write grant proposals.

  • Entry into the Spark the Fire online database of those who have completed the certificate program that is open to the public for employer validation.

  • Professional reference for employment by Spark the Fire Grantwriting Classes.

The Certificate in Grantwriting is valid for three years. In order to maintain your certificate after three years, you will be asked to participate in at least 5 hours of continuing education classes per year through Spark the Fire Grantwriting Classes or other continuing education classes in the field of philanthropy.

If you have completed the class portion, but did not previously sign up for the assessment, you can still do that by clicking below.

Individualized Assessment
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