Essential Grantwriting Workbook & Diskette of Templates

Essential Grantwriting Workbook & Diskette of Templates


Can't make the class? Get the comprehensive workbook and diskette of templates.  The Spark the Fire Essential Grantwriting Workbook is a comprehensive guide to learning the art of grantwriting. The workbook covers: 

  • Prospect Research - Where to find grants including some sources you might not have known about.
  • Annual Grants Calendars - How to create a calendar of grant submissions that works.
  • Community Needs Assessments - How to research and write a compelling narrative about the community need that your grant will address.
  • Outcomes & Evaluation - How to develop goals and objectives for your proposal as well as write about how you will measure success.
  • Budgets & Attachments - How to develop a clear budget for your proposal and what else is required to be included in your proposal.
  • Proposal Writing - How to describe your project, program, and organization and bring it all together in the required format to submit to the grantmaker.
  • Building Relationships with Grantmakers - When and how to contact grantmakers to get on their radar and form a stronger connection.
  • Grants Management - How and when to send reports on your grant awards to make sure they know you appreciate their support and are properly stewarding their investment.
  • Tips Galore - Learn all the insider tips to making your proposal stand out above the crowd.

You will also receive a diskette of templates you can put immediately to use, including sample cover letter, letter of interest, budgets, board rosters and other required attachments, as well as a grants calendar for tracking your grants.

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