10/08/18 Freelance Grantwriting in Spokane, WA


10/08/18 Freelance Grantwriting in Spokane, WA

95.00 115.00

Monday, October 8, 9am to 3pm
Spokane Falls Community College
3410 W Ft George Wright Dr
Spokane, WA 99224

Registration includes a handbook, digital templates, and coffee/tea bar.

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Cancellation Policy: 

Cancellation Policy:  We understand that things happen. If you are sick or otherwise unable to attend the class, please know that you can email allison@sparkthefiregrantwriting.com and transfer your registration to any future class. You may also transfer registration to a friend or colleague. The first transfer is free of charge. After that there is a $20 service charge to cover the cost of printing and administrative record keeping.